February – The season of Love

Here on the homestead, we hang our seasonal wreath of love.  Created from a baby grow from our first born and wrapped with the string from their bouquet of flowers gift.   Over the years all the creations we, as a family, have created – shapes of hearts and symbols of love.  We hang this in front of the fire, reminding us of our family bond and our connection.

We are all vessels of love.  We can give love to whoever we meet, or what ever we come into contact with, be a human, a plant or an animal.  Sharing this love to everyone we meet and everyone we speak to,  creates a positive caring and loving world.

So how about this month, whilst your out and about, you spend some conscious time and smile at everyone you meet, say hello, just be positive.  Spread your inner love with everyone and everything, you will be surprised at what you receive back.  This in turn will lift your spirits and make you feel happy.

It is a gift which you can give to everyone for free.   You might make that persons day happier, and they in turn, spread the love to the next person they meet.  We don’t know how that persons life is in that moment, but they might be feeling lonely, unloved and un-cared for. A simple smile and “hello” creates a bright and cheery day for them.

We are all worthy of giving love and receiving love. Its our human survival mode.  To love each other increases peoples mental health, good relationships make us feel better.  Don’t be afraid to reach out to people, asking for love in a roundabout way – inviting people for a visit to the park, to share a picnic to enjoy life together.

Love is the best medicine for everyone.


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