Summer 2018 – wild swimming, home grown and time to pause.

How does the longer brighter summer days effect you?

The longer daylight hours entices our minds into an overwhelming spiral of adventure and excitement – but are you stopping and checking in on yourself?

Do you stop for a while – and re-connect with your true self? Its an all essential ingredient to our well being and inner happiness.  Self acknowledgement and self love, a component to our overall well being.

In order for myself to do this I had to put a workshop on hold – the background effort and thought into each workshop can be overwhelming – during the summer excitement.

Admit, listen and acknowledge where you are being overwhelmed in your life.  Pause and nurture your self in order to move on forwards and stronger.

summer2018whitecamera 083

(above – fresh strawberry picking )

Life in general

Its been a full on and busy season for our family, every weekend was full of celebrations and parties, and gathering of friends and family.  Weeks were spent searching for cool refreshing wild swimming waters for the children.

How has your season been – did you enjoy the energy of the endless hot British summer? or did you find it overwhelming, and full of high demands and expectations?


(above – Marooned on Hilbre island West Kirby, reflecting back onto home)

Around the vegetable garden

A bountiful hot summer of deep red tomatoes bursting with wholesome flavour, unbelievingly sweet Victoria plums, a few medium sized chunky cucumbers, bountiful dark green courgettes, juicy red raspberries, bright pink red rhubarb a daily sprinkle of baby spinach fresh from the garden to a compliment for every meal. Have you managed to grow anything in your natural space this year? If not find a local community which you can join and get your hands in the earth.


(above -home grown juicy raspberry fruits)

Looking forward

Its time to settle back into the rhythm of contemplation and creativity to relaunch the Autumn workshops and invites will be going out soon, so we look forward to meeting up with the regulars to relax, be mindful and create.



July 2018 – workshops, culverts, courage and workshops.

In the fields

Its been a super hot start to July, hay bales are done with the bright blue skies above and glowing evening sunsets an artists delight – what bliss!!


Workshops and massage in the Barn

The Barn hosted a wonderful workshop on Courage, it was a great opportunity to get out the paints and brushes and start to create.  The ladies art was filled with fire and brightness, proud of the inner strength and courage.  Each produced their own little masterpiece.  We slipped into a 3 hour workshop, but we were having so much fun on the evening – time seemed irrelevant.   A relaxing massage was received by one of the guests too – a lovely ending to a fantastic workshop.


Festival workshops

I have done a couple of workshops with little children this summer at camps – it was teaching them how to make salt dough and allowing them to create magical miniature courageous creatures with their creative minds, we used nature for our tools (and one girl used her drink bottle lid to make turtle shell imprints !!)



Homestead Lifestyle

During the winter months we are bombarded with broken rivers and streams.  As it has been so dry and the ground is soft and easy to dig,  we decided to try and dig up the land to see what we could find – low and behold we found yet another culvert, it has been beautifully made around 100 years ago, we are going to expose and repair it so its protected for ever.



Home grown goodness

We picked our first juicy red raspberry the other day – the fun part of growing your own vegetables.  The courgettes are bursting their yellow flowers, whilst hiding underneath the towering green umbrella leaves.


Family Events

Its also been our beautiful daughters birthdays this month, so we treated them to a local horse ride hack, and wild swimming in a stunning waterfalls – so refreshing during this glorious hot spell we are receiving.


New Future Events

I am super excited to birth the launch of a new group for mothers and daughters which is going to be starting in October/November 2018.

Mother and DaughterBonding WorkshopsAge 10-16 logo2

June 2018 sunshiny days and spinach for strength.

Around the homestead

Wow … its certainly been a hot June here on the homestead.  The sun has been so bright and strong over the last few weeks, which is absolutely glorious, but the garden has started to look rather dry.

Homegrown goodness

There are 3 rainwater butts to feed the vegetables, but they have all dried up, so we are really looking forward to a heavy downpour to replenish our stocks.

We have had the opportunity to sample the homegrown delicious spinach.  The children collect handfuls of this daily, and we steam it in coconut oil salt and pepper – its absolutely delicious!! I adore this family staple daily food during the summer months, its jam packed full of vitamins A, B2, C and K antioxidants and magnesium, folate, iron, calcium and potassium.  I manage to squeeze it into most mealsDSC00772.JPG and this kids love the creamy texture.

Solar electricity problems

We had a go at tackling the dreaded electricity problem with the barn, the 6 of us and 2 helpers had to drag 2 massive cables under the soil, through a titsy, tiny, teeny, weeny pipe, which entailed me having to dig 2 access hatches in the field – yes it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack ! but after a lot of digging I found the old pipes, the 2 holes were big enough to lie me down in.  The weather was a scorcher that day but lots of refreshing juice kept me going!   After 8 hours hard work I was ready for bed!

We got a friend to help us do the technical side of connecting the wire to the solar system, there was a good supply of electricity to the barn when the sun shone, yet when I came to do the evening classes, there wasn’t enough strength in the cabling.  You’d have to ask my hubby for all the technical details!!! I’m just good at doing the laboring, and puzzle solving, electrics I steer clear of!!


June 2018 – Handmade willow flower basket

Hand made natural crafts – flowers and old jam jars

I made this adorable willow basket, using a very simple idea of weaving the bottom, and leaving the stalks to create a handle to carry my flowers in.

I adore flowers whether they are blossoming in the wild or have I have grown them in my garden.

I found some old glass jars on my travels, and polished them up, to give a rustic appearance.  They decorate a room, their beauty radiating out to the people who’s eyes cast upon them.

How about picking some flowers yourself when you are out on your walks, and put them in some fresh water in a jar or bowl.



May 2018 Bloom your belle workshops

Launching The Conscious Homestead – concerns and problems

Its time to post a little about what we have been up to at the Conscious Homestead.  In January 2018 I launched my first workshop with friends.  I won’t lie I was very apprehensive of exposing my inner self to friends.

Luckily they all really enjoyed themselves and committed to the core group for 5 months, until I publicly launched my first group in May.

Opening my home space up for the general public to share – because that is what we are here for isn’t it ? if we can’t share our inner beauty with others and spread love and kindness, what kind of world are we living in?

Showing our rawness and vulnerability takes such inner courage and strength, I hope the visitors gained from their experience.

Oh and I won’t lie the electricity still kept going out – its very bizarre – we had 3 electricians come and look at it, whilst I host the work shop the power keeps popping out, they cant understand why.  In the day time its all fine, and everything is smooth when we use it – but as soon as I do a workshop BOOM out it goes 4-5 times.  I won’t give up and we are running a brand new cable to over come this.  I suspect its the awesome energy of the ladies that are doing it!!

How the first workshops went

I started the session off with a brief history of me, the home, and the nights session, then everyone introduced themselves and where they were from.  It was lovely to have one lady over all the way from Australia ! We had a peaceful meditation followed by a mindful activity.

After our tea and biscuits break we then had a go at getting creative juices flowing, and we created a wonderful craft to take home to remind ourselves to remind us of self love.  Something which is easily to forget about in this world.

So I’m nearly half way through my first year, and wonder what I will be doing next year !! DSC00563



2018 – Moving forward with a GIANT step

The Conscious Homestead history

In 2017 I decided to decorate an outbuilding, and turn it into a space for people to gather and create, with a conscious heart and mind.  It was hard effort and work, whilst juggling 4 home ed kids, a business and life in general.

I did it, and in January I hosted my first meeting, a small group with just friends.  We did a guided meditation and made a creation – a mood board for 2018, what we all desired for this year.

It worked out well, the electricity kept dipping, but that’s a teething problem I sorted.  Freezing temperatures outside, but we were nice snug and warm inside.  Luckily it all went well and everyone produced some amazing work.

So January went smoothly and I am on track in my plan.  Baby steps at first, but slowly getting there.


Seaside campfires and the hope of Spring

It’s a cold, still, winters day. The sky is a magical, bright, bright blue and the sun shines at her brightest. The dark grey skies of days before have faded. Today is a day of promise and hope of the Spring that is to come. We fill our bags with goodies to eat, to share with our friends. We are all excited. A short walk along the beach, tiptoeing over the seas puddles it leaves behind. We arrive excited. We heave our logs from home onto the communal fire, and huddle to get warm. The bright sun shines. The seagulls cry their squawks and the children dance up and down the shore line, squealing with delight at their discoveries. The seas leaves her magical deposits on the shoreline, enticing us to pause and touch her treasures.

We rest, eat and chatter, as long as we can before the cold eats our bones. We hurry home full of fresh air and laughter. We know it’s a long time before we have another perfect blue sky day. But we are full for now, back to our winter hibernation by the fireside.

Vegan recipe

1 cup  Organic Whole Wheat Flour
1 tablespoon baking powder
¼ teaspoon salt
1 cup almond milk or dairy-free milk of choice
2 tablespoons olive oil or melted coconut oil
2 tablespoons maple syrup or sugar of choice
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
More oil to grease your pan/skillet, if necessary

Gorse bushes- Ulex – foraging -sayings.

Have you ever had the time to stop and smell the yellow flowers of The Gorse bush?  I always say it smells of Hawaiian topic sun lotion!

Gorse bushes always seem to be in flower, hence there is a saying : “When gorse is out of blossom, kissing’s out of fashion”.💋

You can find more detail here about the Gorse bush.

You can find details here about eating the  Gorse Flowers.



St Davids day – the real meaning of asceticism

Today is the first of March, in Wales UK we traditionally celebrate St Davids day, the children wear a daffodil, or wear the traditional Welsh costume. For years I have tagged along with the tradition, yet not really questioned what it really is all about.

St David was recognised for his asceticism. He thought that in order to gain a spiritual goal, we should abstain from worldly pleasures. We can practice in solitude or be part of society.

He died in 589, and people were having the same inner turmoils about worldly pleasures, and they didn’t even have Amazon at their fingertips!!

Have we always realised that greed for more, makes us eternally unhappy? When did this start I Wonder? What age does it start? In my children I remember them whining that they wanted this or that. It is a human condition of the mind, to want is to feel good, yet once had …… doesn’t have that same feeling. It cycles into wanting and needing more. Once we can turn off this cycle for wanting and needing more (and in our Western World with temptation all around us) this is our own inner journey.

For the month of March, I will try practice less unnecessary want and need for material possessions. It will be hard!

Would you like to join me on this journey?

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