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St Davids day – the real meaning of asceticism

Today is the first of March, in Wales UK we traditionally celebrate St Davids day, the children wear a daffodil, or wear the traditional Welsh costume. For years I have tagged along with the tradition, yet not really questioned what it really is all about.

St David was recognised for his asceticism. He thought that in order to gain a spiritual goal, we should abstain from worldly pleasures. We can practice in solitude or be part of society.

He died in 589, and people were having the same inner turmoils about worldly pleasures, and they didn’t even have Amazon at their fingertips!!

Have we always realised that greed for more, makes us eternally unhappy? When did this start I Wonder? What age does it start? In my children I remember them whining that they wanted this or that. It is a human condition of the mind, to want is to feel good, yet once had …… doesn’t have that same feeling. It cycles into wanting and needing more. Once we can turn off this cycle for wanting and needing more (and in our Western World with temptation all around us) this is our own inner journey.

For the month of March, I will try practice less unnecessary want and need for material possessions. It will be hard!

Would you like to join me on this journey?


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