The Conscious Homestead

May 2018 Bloom your belle workshops

Launching The Conscious Homestead – concerns and problems

Its time to post a little about what we have been up to at the Conscious Homestead.  In January 2018 I launched my first workshop with friends.  I won’t lie I was very apprehensive of exposing my inner self to friends.

Luckily they all really enjoyed themselves and committed to the core group for 5 months, until I publicly launched my first group in May.

Opening my home space up for the general public to share – because that is what we are here for isn’t it ? if we can’t share our inner beauty with others and spread love and kindness, what kind of world are we living in?

Showing our rawness and vulnerability takes such inner courage and strength, I hope the visitors gained from their experience.

Oh and I won’t lie the electricity still kept going out – its very bizarre – we had 3 electricians come and look at it, whilst I host the work shop the power keeps popping out, they cant understand why.  In the day time its all fine, and everything is smooth when we use it – but as soon as I do a workshop BOOM out it goes 4-5 times.  I won’t give up and we are running a brand new cable to over come this.  I suspect its the awesome energy of the ladies that are doing it!!

How the first workshops went

I started the session off with a brief history of me, the home, and the nights session, then everyone introduced themselves and where they were from.  It was lovely to have one lady over all the way from Australia ! We had a peaceful meditation followed by a mindful activity.

After our tea and biscuits break we then had a go at getting creative juices flowing, and we created a wonderful craft to take home to remind ourselves to remind us of self love.  Something which is easily to forget about in this world.

So I’m nearly half way through my first year, and wonder what I will be doing next year !! DSC00563




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