The Conscious Homestead

June 2018 sunshiny days and spinach for strength.

Around the homestead

Wow … its certainly been a hot June here on the homestead.  The sun has been so bright and strong over the last few weeks, which is absolutely glorious, but the garden has started to look rather dry.

Homegrown goodness

There are 3 rainwater butts to feed the vegetables, but they have all dried up, so we are really looking forward to a heavy downpour to replenish our stocks.

We have had the opportunity to sample the homegrown delicious spinach.  The children collect handfuls of this daily, and we steam it in coconut oil salt and pepper – its absolutely delicious!! I adore this family staple daily food during the summer months, its jam packed full of vitamins A, B2, C and K antioxidants and magnesium, folate, iron, calcium and potassium.  I manage to squeeze it into most mealsDSC00772.JPG and this kids love the creamy texture.

Solar electricity problems

We had a go at tackling the dreaded electricity problem with the barn, the 6 of us and 2 helpers had to drag 2 massive cables under the soil, through a titsy, tiny, teeny, weeny pipe, which entailed me having to dig 2 access hatches in the field – yes it was like trying to find a needle in a haystack ! but after a lot of digging I found the old pipes, the 2 holes were big enough to lie me down in.  The weather was a scorcher that day but lots of refreshing juice kept me going!   After 8 hours hard work I was ready for bed!

We got a friend to help us do the technical side of connecting the wire to the solar system, there was a good supply of electricity to the barn when the sun shone, yet when I came to do the evening classes, there wasn’t enough strength in the cabling.  You’d have to ask my hubby for all the technical details!!! I’m just good at doing the laboring, and puzzle solving, electrics I steer clear of!!



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