The Conscious Homestead

July 2018 – workshops, culverts, courage and workshops.

In the fields

Its been a super hot start to July, hay bales are done with the bright blue skies above and glowing evening sunsets an artists delight – what bliss!!


Workshops and massage in the Barn

The Barn hosted a wonderful workshop on Courage, it was a great opportunity to get out the paints and brushes and start to create.  The ladies art was filled with fire and brightness, proud of the inner strength and courage.  Each produced their own little masterpiece.  We slipped into a 3 hour workshop, but we were having so much fun on the evening – time seemed irrelevant.   A relaxing massage was received by one of the guests too – a lovely ending to a fantastic workshop.


Festival workshops

I have done a couple of workshops with little children this summer at camps – it was teaching them how to make salt dough and allowing them to create magical miniature courageous creatures with their creative minds, we used nature for our tools (and one girl used her drink bottle lid to make turtle shell imprints !!)



Homestead Lifestyle

During the winter months we are bombarded with broken rivers and streams.  As it has been so dry and the ground is soft and easy to dig,  we decided to try and dig up the land to see what we could find – low and behold we found yet another culvert, it has been beautifully made around 100 years ago, we are going to expose and repair it so its protected for ever.



Home grown goodness

We picked our first juicy red raspberry the other day – the fun part of growing your own vegetables.  The courgettes are bursting their yellow flowers, whilst hiding underneath the towering green umbrella leaves.


Family Events

Its also been our beautiful daughters birthdays this month, so we treated them to a local horse ride hack, and wild swimming in a stunning waterfalls – so refreshing during this glorious hot spell we are receiving.


New Future Events

I am super excited to birth the launch of a new group for mothers and daughters which is going to be starting in October/November 2018.

Mother and DaughterBonding WorkshopsAge 10-16 logo2


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