So whats The Conscious Homestead? Click here to find out:-

Warm, warm welcome to the beautiful North Wales Conscious Homestead, set in the countryside overlooking the Welsh coastline.
A dedicated room, in the timber clad barn, is available for females to relax with mindful guided meditations, creative arts/ crafts workshops, mother and daughter bonding workshops.
The aim is to gather like minded people and enhance their natural well being, with a positive wholesome vibe, and soak up this beautiful peaceful space.
There are several Workshops:-
A Monthly Women’s Mindfulness Relaxation and Creative group. Age 16+ (launched January 2018)
A Certified 12 month Mother and Daughter Group – age 10-16 (Launching late 2018)
A Mother and Daughter Creative Group (pending)
One to one guided relaxation sessions for females to unwind and relax.
Choose the one which suits your journey. We look forward to joining us. May your life be filled with joy and happiness.
Hosted by a happily married mama to 4, who is mindful, vegan, gardener, naturalist, holistic, craft and art enthusiast.
For many years The Conscious Homestead managed Craftysoulstogether – a free blog for home educators to inspire busy mamas with their little ones. Also The Vegan / Vegetarian family was an private log of recipe ideas for the children for when they flea the nest!
We hope you enjoy sharing our journey !
Big Loves
The Conscious Homestead. xxx

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